• MLS St. Louis Main Stage

Major League Soccer


Major League Soccer called us with just a little under two weeks to plan their press conference. They needed us to help find a venue in St. Louis that would accommodate their needs, while also creating a production plan that would work in the venue and make an impact.


After visiting multiple venues in the area, MLS decided on the Palladium due to its size, feel and floating mezzanine that offered a great view of both the stage and audience. News channels and other media teams used the mezzanine to shoot and live stream the event. After booking the venue, our team planned out the production, while keeping in mind the client, space, media and the expected number of attendees. We created the stage and scenic design with two 6.56’ x 11.48 LED video walls on both sides and lighting for the main event and adjacent network broadcast area. In the broadcast area, three step-and-repeats were used to create a backdrop for the media to do interviews. The lighting package consisted of LED Leko stage wash, R2 Spot Movers and uplighting. To activate the wall opposite the broadcast area, we provided branded video-mapping using Epson laser projectors.


Our collaboration with MLS resulted in over 700 people in attendance for a successful and exciting press conference.

MLS Press Conference Crowd
MLS Press Conference LED Wall
MLS Press Conference
Floating Mezzanine Stage View