Red Paper Heart and TSV Collaboration

Red Paper Heart is a creative agency based in Brooklyn, NY that specializes in interactive motion capture activations. The TSV team first worked with Red Paper Heart at SXSW for HBO’s Game of Thrones pop-up. This pop-up inspired by GoT's Arya accommodated three separate participants simultaneously making it critical that all video and audio worked together exactly. Participants stood in front of our custom projection screens and swung swords to hit targets that eventually revealed a portrait of themselves. After SXSW, Red Paper Heart came to us confident that we had the skills and equipment necessary to construct another unique visual effect at the U.S. Open for their VIP Signature Swing installation. The installation would allow attendees to capture the arc of their golf swing into a unique piece of art. Red Paper Heart developed a golf club that captured the trajectory of the golf swing, and we helped to translate the movement onto our LED wall. With both of these activations being customized, it was critical that everything worked seamlessly so that the outcome was perfect. TSV was able to make that happen and give attendees a specific, interactive experience that they would not forget!

Three-screen projection display
SXSW Game of Thrones event line
Attendees participating at HBO's SXSW activation
An image of a golf club in front of an LED video wall display
Attendee participating at a U.S. Open experiential activation
An event attendee swinging a golf club in front of an LED wall