Moondance and TSV Collaboration

Moondance Events is a global full-service event management and production company, as well as a travel agency. Our partnership with Moondance has brought us the opportunity to work with brands such as D-Con, Not Real Art and ABC. Our team provided lighting for the 2016 VIP DesignerCon Party including DJ equipment, monitors throughout the venue displaying what was happening on stage, a branded gobo and lights to highlight the artist’s showcases and colorful lights within the venue that resulted in a captivating design flowing throughout the space. We also provided our services for Not Real Art at their first Not Real Art Club event. The Not Real Art Club is a private social club for artists, designers and creatives and its purpose is to inspire creativity and art! The collaborative layout of Boomtown Brewery in LA, along with our lighting and custom gobos, helped the event stay true to the Not Real Art brand, while also creating an inspiring and fun atmosphere. We worked with Moondance and Not Real Art again at their Creator’s Conference at the Highland Park Ebell Club. Once again, the conference needed to be a creative and collaborative atmosphere, while also keeping everything clear and concise. The entire event, including production, needed to express inclusivity, innovation and Not Real Art’s brand. Our team kept this in mind, as well as the fact that the conference was a more professional, career development event. In the space, we were able to use an 8x14’ screen to display presentations and logos, a confidence monitor for presenters and lighting throughout the main room for a simple and effective event design. We also provided services for the afterparty, including lighting and DJ equipment. Our production coming together with all other aspects of the conference meant it was equal parts creative and professional! Moondance also gave us the opportunity to work with ABC for their press tour. Moondance had the idea to transform the Viennese Ballroom in The Langham Huntington, Pasadena ceiling into a stained glass motif and we made it happen using video mapping! All of these projects required effective brainstorming with Moondance and our new wave technology to make their expectations a reality.

Not Real Art Gobo Displayed next to Conference Stage
ABC Press Event Party
Gonzo Working + D-Con Gobo
Not Real Art Branded Gobo