• DCYC Full Production
  • DCYC Stage Display

Diocesan Catholic Youth Conference


The 3-day event is held at the Waco Convention Center. After years of the same production quality, Technical Director Jason Guenther wanted to step things up and add production that would transform the venue into a vibrant atmosphere for attendees. With this and an expected number of over 2,500 attendees in mind, TSV worked to deliver a full-service production that would resonate with a specific audience of religious youth, while also staying true to the “Fully Alive” theme.


The centerpiece of the production was a 12’ x 40’ backdrop screen. We filled out the look with two 11’3” x 20’ Stumpfl rear projection screens on both sides of the main screen. To display visuals, presentations and branding on the backdrop screen we used two high-definition laser projectors and Epson 15,000 lumen laser projectors for the side screens. Live video was shown using a four-camera video shoot with separate outputs going to each projection screen.

The audio support for the band included 10 in-ear monitors with a pair of Avid Venue SC48 mixers for FOH and monitor positions. The lighting in the room created the perfect ambiance and helped brand the event with the specific colors of the conference. We used a full lighting rig with eight sharpies, four profiles and six MAC Auras. A flown truss gave us the ability to add moving lights above the stage and LED fixtures allowed us to wash the entire room and crowd to set the mood at any given time, whether mass was going on or the band was performing.


The end result was a bright and full display that drew all of the audience’s attention to whatever was happening on stage and ensured that each person could see it clearly. The colorful lighting and captivating visuals shown on the projection screens helped communicate the theme to the attendee’s and kept them intrigued each day of the conference. With the other elements of the production, the event came together successfully and our team was able to provide a seamless service that resulted in a fun conference, a satisfied client and TSV coming back in 2019 to do it again!