Wedding Lighting Your Way

Wedding lighting is one of the most important parts of planning your special day. You want your lights to pop, and to create an environment of entertainment that will leave your guests in awe. It can set the mood for your big day, and having wedding lighting specialists at hand can help you make sure your event looks beautiful no matter where it's located. We put together some lighting trends and ideas to provide some inspiration. These trends are not only beautiful but unique enough to customize to your desires.

Let's start with some basic but versatile lighting that can be the foundation for your lighting plan. Bistro lights have grown popular this past year. These subtle lights can be hung to give discreet lighting that sets an intimate mood, or strung between trees to provide light for outdoor ceremonies. In addition, LED lights can be the perfect compliment to bistro lights and are great for adding pizzazz. LED lights can be fit into drapes for an elegant, soft effect, wrapped into trees and plants and even coiled around cakes or pictures to draw attention to centerpieces of your event.

Wedding lighting can also be used to make a statement - for major elegance, consider a well-placed chandelier or two. These are a great way to draw all eyes to a certain area. Hang one over the bride and groom's table for elegant light, or hang smaller ones from trees to mix nature and couture. A large, sparkling chandelier over the dance floor helps keep the party focused, and can draw guests to a certain area. If you want to be more subtle, try plain hanging Edison bulbs. Less flashy, but still eye-catching, they draw attention and give a gentle glow when used to light dance floors and ballrooms.

Finally, a high-tech lighting addition can truly make your wedding special. A beautiful option is using video mapping. Video mapping allows moving pictures to be projected onto a wall or screen. This moving wallpaper can be programmed to change throughout the evening as the events progress, giving different backdrops to different parts of your event. To add flash, try intelligent dance floor lighting. This is high tech stuff, run by a lighting tech, but it is majorly cool and can really get the dance floor bumping. The lighting changes with the songs, responding to the beats and giving unique lighting to every tune, turning the dance floor into a world of light and sound.

Feeling inspired? Talk with our friendly wedding lighting experts, who will help you pick the right lighting for your venue. We have a great deal of experience and all the lighting and visual equipment to create a magical setting at your wedding. From LED lights to complex light and sound combos, we're ready to help plan your lighting needs and our technicians will install and run the whole show while you are dancing the night away. Hiring our experts allows you to have an intricate level of lights and sound without the worry of installation and execution. Contact TSV today!