The 3 Most Common Audio Visual Equipment Mistakes

The importance of audio visual equipment cannot be ignored when it comes to setting the stage for a perfectly smooth-running event. The following mistakes are some of the most common errors that are made by event planners that don’t yet have the right level of understanding about how important it is to pay attention to the role of A/V technology.

Inappropriate equipment choices

While it may seem obvious, one of the most common mistakes in any event-planning process is failing to choose the proper audio visual tools that will be needed. Every different event will have a unique need for certain kinds of audio visual facilitation; this means that you are going to have to devote some time into determining just what your particular needs are, and how different kind of audio visual material can meet these needs.

You want to be sure that any computers that might be used for presentations are outfitted with an operating system that is compatible with any of the LCD projectors that you intend on using. You might even find that it is wise to go the extra mile by creating a form that specifies the exact model of everything that you will be needing for the final production.

Inadequate setup time

When it comes to the success of any event, being sure that there is an adequate amount time to set up all of the equipment is absolutely essential. Many events have been ruined due to the fact that the team had to rush to set up all of the equipment that was necessary for the presentation, and as a result, avoidable mistakes were made. There needs to be enough time to ensure that every piece of equipment is in its place and properly installed.

A lack of testing and on-site support

Before starting the event, there needs to be at least one or two hours to test all of the equipment to ensure that it is in top operational form. Another good move is to ensure that you have an A/V provider who is on the site and ready to address any unexpected problems that a telephone support line may not be able to address in a timely matter.

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