Drive Event Sponsorship Using Audio Visual Elements

According to “The Opportunity in B2B Event Sponsorships”, 75% of sponsors are constantly looking for new partnerships. So how do you attract and retain your sponsors? In this blog, we talk about ways to use A/V to drive event sponsorship!

  • Multiple Monitors: One monitor with your sponsor’s logo and information isn’t always enough. If your conference stretches throughout a large venue, using multiple monitors is an effective way to display sponsor’s messaging consistently. Consider placing screens strategically. A more obvious approach is adding several screens at the front of the main room right when attendees walk in. A less common example would be to have touch screens in networking or refreshment areas so attendees can learn more about sponsors in an interactive way while they are killing time between sessions. Monitors are also beneficial to event planners who focus on sustainability by going paperless. You can add sustainability in your sponsorship package with branded paperless agendas. The agendas can be displayed on vertical monitors around the venue and each agenda can feature a different sponsor logo. Consider using a touch screen to display a logo or logos with a “touch for conference agenda” option that takes attendees to the schedule! They will look at the agendas they will see your sponsors’ branding each time they interact with them!

  • Interactive gaming: If you like the idea of an interactive experience for attendees, interactive gaming keeps them engaged and can also be an opportunity for sponsorship exposure. The game can be displayed on an LED wall or projection screen, and depending on the type of game, it can feature sponsor related questions, visuals and branding. When attendees win, the prizes should be branded with sponsor logos and can even be related to what their organization does! By making the prizes functional, like popsockets, bottle openers and tote bags, the exposure will continue long after the event.

  • Social Media Wall: Another opportunity to use an LED wall is with social media. A social media wall can feature your social media feed, as well as your sponsor’s. Your sponsors will be highlighted more at the event and online, and they can take advantage of the wall by posting during the event so that their logo and social handles appear on the screen! For primary sponsor recognition, try to include their name in the event hashtag! Attendees will be using it throughout the event so their photos appear on the screen. The hashtag can also be included on all marketing materials and tables/signs around the venue so guests know to use it! Your sponsor’s company name will literally be everywhere.

  • Custom Projection: Custom projection can be anything from gobos to video mapping. Gobos are an effective way to consistently brand your event throughout the venue! They can display your logo, the event logo and your sponsor’s logos on walls, ceilings, floors, walkways and more! Video mapping acts as the “wow” factor at your event and can display custom content from you and your sponsors. You can display a sponsor’s video on an entire wall or have primary sponsor logos mapped on the outside your venue so it is the first thing they see as they arrive! What you do with custom projection depends on if you want to keep it simple, yet effective or really turn some heads!

Adding A/V elements in your sponsorship package will capture the attention of potential sponsors and help create a long lasting relationship that will be beneficial to you, your event and your sponsors!