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Meetings help start a dialogue, they are for learning new things, networking with other professionals in your industry, demoing your newest product and more. Since each meeting has different goals and attendees, it is important that you adjust your planning process and agenda accordingly. At TSV, we can help you appeal to every type of demographic by keeping you up to date on the latest technology and trends to boost meeting success.

  • unique meeting venue
  • nontraditional meeting venue outside

As Millennials start to become more prominent in every industry, it is essential that your organization can appeal to them, as well as Baby Boomers, who still make up a large number of full-time workers. Millennials crave innovation and creativity while baby boomers are attracted to events related to music, food and drink. To spark interest in both of these demographics, consider changing the scenery of your meetings. Host your next networking meeting outside or your product demo in a brewery, an exclusive restaurant or a winery during happy hour to bring an element of fun to your presentation, increase engagement and encourage socializing.

  • host meeting in a fun atmosphere like a brewery
  • LED wall

No matter what unique venue you choose, TSV’s flexible and knowledgeable staff will help you reach your meeting goals with equipment such as LED Video Walls. We provide a wide range of LED Video products that offer a vibrant display indoors and outdoors. We have the technology that allows you to use the video wall for a simple, but intelligible PowerPoint presentation, displaying social media feeds or to incorporate gamification and promote collaboration in a relaxing atmosphere.

  • Activism at an Event

If you want to stay ahead of the game, start thinking about how you can engage Generation Z. This demographic has a strong relationship with activism and the digital world. In order to captivate Gen Z, as well as the generations that came before, it is important that your organization keeps up with trends. A popular trend that we are beginning to see this year is hosting events that align with popular causes. Draw Gen Z in with something that relates to both activism and the digital world by going paperless or “green” at your event.

  • outdoor meeting, podium, mics, step and repeat

Conference attendees take home 10 pounds of paper in the form of handouts and vendor information. Shed those paper pounds with TSV by renting laptops for note taking and viewing additional meeting information on their screens. Another event trend that is made easier with TSV is adding a fitness element. Yoga sessions between meetings are a great way to re-energize your attendees. We can offer you wireless lavalier mics and a sound system to ensure that the instructor is being heard throughout the entire room. As well as cameras and different sized screens so everyone in the yoga session can see the instructor.

In addition to our sound, lighting and video production, TSV offers turnkey services for meetings and conferences including podium rental, pipe and drape, custom printing for event signage, speaker timers and easel and flip chart packages.

With the TSV team by your side, you can rest assured that your audience will be captivated and your meeting will be successful!