• Video Projection
  • Red Bull Party with lighting, DJs and disco balls
  • DJ in a scary costume at Red Bull's Party
  • Red Bull Music Event

Red Bull Presents: Equal Axis

Red Bull’s Equal Axis party at Palm Door on Sixth was a multi-sensory experience featuring three-dimensional art installations, striking projections and a line-up of DJs and performances by Austin-area dancers, drag queens and aerialists. The purpose of the event was to provide visibility to the LGBTQ+ community! During the party, we collaborated with the venue, as well as other vendors like the graphics company, Hyperreal Film Club, to ensure that an exciting atmosphere was created while also offering a welcoming and safe space for everyone in attendance.

We provided lighting outside and inside the venue, DJ equipment and staging equipment to create runways. The centerpiece of our production was the projection mapping we displayed on the walls that was used to showcase the various artists' work. In order to perfect the projection, we meticulously looked for shadows and measured all of the specific areas to map. We had to know where to put projectors, which told us how high they needed to go and what kind of lensing we had to use.

Our team was proud to help turn the venue into an inclusive and fun space where the LGBTQ+ community could be celebrated. We were able to bring all the activations and performances together with lighting and projection mapping, creating a natural flow throughout the party!