• EO XCentric Event Design
  • LED Video Wall at EO XCentric Conference

EO XCentric


EO XCentric is an annual multi-day learning event designed to help attendees learn and grow as business leaders. The event is full of entrepreneurs and world-renowned business leaders who speak on a variety of topics. The tagline for EO XCentric was "Except Something Different" so the event team didn't want a traditional conference design. Their goal was an industry leading "wow" factor to build anticipation for attendees walking into the space. We built a 60' LED video wall as the backdrop on stage. The video wall was customized before every session to reflect highlights of what to expect and had to seamlessly support noteworthy speakers like Lance Armstrong and Scott Harrison.


With the video wall content updating frequently and overall production being so big, there needed to be a large crew. Each crew member was designated to a specific task within each aspect of production.


This gave everyone the opportunity to stay organized and remain flexible when there were changes to the agenda, causing shifts in video content. Everything was posted correctly, on time and EO XCentric was able to accomplish the tailored experience.