Event Trends Around The Globe

Our blog, “Six Ways to Up-Level Your Event in 2018,” got us wondering about event trends around the world! Below are some of the most unique trends we found from events in the United Kingdom, Argentina and more!

Argentina: In Argentina, the popularity of marriage has declined and people missed the experience of attending weddings. “Falsa bodas” or “fake weddings” are a way to convey joy and feelings of love, just like real weddings, but there’s no lawful marriage. Guests pay to attend this event that features actors playing the couple, the wedding party and the family, as well as music, dancing and even an unexpected interruption to heighten the drama. The “Falsa boda” event trend is becoming increasingly popular in Argentina and guests really seem to enjoy the festivities, so much so that the events can last until 6 a.m.!

Australia: Event planners in Australia are working to channel attendees’ inner child with events catered to the young at heart. These events take childlike fun and put a more mature spin on it. For example, “The Brick Bar” is a pop-up that features building blocks for attendees to make their own creations and a DJ playing music the entire time. It’s a unique way to get that nostalgic feel of playing with blocks on your living room floor, while also being able to enjoy a drink. In Melbourne, they took the simple fun of a bouncy house and turned it into an obstacle course with food, drinks and a light show! Events like these are perfect for attendees looking to blow off some steam and feel like a kid again.

Germany: According to Eventbrite, parents of children ages 0-2 are getting tickets to hear their favorite classical composers without having to find a babysitter. At concerts for babies, the music of Beethoven, Bach and Schumann have a calming effect on toddlers and the pieces are carefully chosen so that both the parents and children will enjoy the show. Another event trend that started taking place in Berlin combines art and food. Berlin’s first Food Art Week focused on how art and food are connected and how they can bring about positive social change. Galleries, artists, foodies and activists come together for this event that is now hosted in multiple cities around the world.

Netherlands: At festivals and other large events, it’s always a hassle to wait in line for a porta potty that’s been used by hundreds of people throughout the day. Festivals in Holland are now offering tickets to personal porta-potties. Guests are given a key so only they have access to the space. Some events even throw in music, lights and champagne. This is a trend that puts the attendee experience first and seems to be a successful VIP addition as most tickets have been selling out.

United Kingdom: Morning Gloryville is a company in the UK that started morning raves. These sober events offer attendees an immersive dance party before they start their workday. The rave starts at 6:30 a.m. and features energizing music, visual entertainment, free massages, smoothie bars, coffee and yoga! People attend these events to get amped up for their day and morning raves have been so successful that they are now popular in North America, South America, Europe and the Middle East!

These are just some of the awesome event trends we discovered from around the world and despite being very different, they all have one thing in common. Whether it’s a young at heart event or a personal porta potty, they are all inspired by what will have a lasting impact on attendees and what will give them the best experience possible!