Benefits of Silence: How Wireless Headphones Will Transform Your Conference

We’re in an experience economy where attendees want more than just valuable content, they crave a unique experience and although their interest in live events has increased, so has the number of scheduled events. How can you set yourself apart from the millions of events out there? With silent discos successfully engaging participants at festivals all around the world, the use of wireless headphones will become more common at conferences and trade shows to give attendees the unique experience they’ve come to expect, while also helping companies accommodate attendees in more ways than one.

Guarantee Enough Space Header

With a multi-channel headphone system, the stress associated with not having enough space for all of your speakers fades away. You will save money on a smaller venue because you can place your speakers in different areas of one room, and assign individual channels to each of their microphones. The headphones will also give your attendees the power to choose. If presenters are broadcasting at the same time, they can decide which channel to tune into and even switch between different speakers if they want to catch highlights from both sessions.

In order to give your guests a white glove experience, you have to work to accommodate them in any way that you can, and the multi-channel headphone system will help you do just that. While there are a few things you can do to predict which sessions will be the most popular to assign the appropriate breakout rooms, there’s no guarantee you will get it right. The wireless headphones allow some flexibility because attendees can flow out into common areas of the venue with the freedom to enjoy the nice weather while not missing a thing.

Satisfy All Learning Styles Header

This caters to various learning styles because some attendees may feel more engaged by sitting front-row in the session and some may concentrate better on a short walk or lounging in a comfortable chair. In addition, different channels can accommodate staff and attendees from foreign offices. With guests wearing the headphones, someone can conduct the main seminar on one channel, and the other channels can feature translations of that same seminar - in different languages.

Consider Customization Header

Corporate event planners may rely on sponsorships from other companies to offset some expenses for their event. Give sponsors a unique branding opportunity with wireless headphones. The headphones can be customized with company colors and logos that attendees are sure to remember.

Eliminate Distractions Header

In a study done by Lab42, 84% of respondents say it is somewhat or very important that the company they buy from is innovative. At trade shows, coming up with creative ways to engage your audience is essential in building brand awareness and creating lasting relationships with potential leads. Utilizing headphones for your presentation is a unique way to show your brand’s innovation and draw listeners in. While they’re listening, attendees will feel like you’re having a one on one conversation with the speaker, and this will create a stronger bond between consumer and brand.

The headphones ensure that listeners will hear your presentation clearly and their thoughts are less likely to wander because they won’t be distracted by noise from their neighbors. They will be able to focus on what you’re saying about your product and understand your message. A silent booth stands out from the run-of-the-mill trade show display and will help attendees remember your presentation even after they hear about multiple products.

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