TSV Welcomes Adam Kendrick

Along with the rising temperatures and humidity in St. Louis, the beginning of June, 2014 also saw the introduction of the latest addition to the TSV family, Adam Kendrick.

This Navy man is a Texan through-and-through. Born in Dallas, and hailing from Plano, before ultimately landing in Austin, Adam definitely knows his way around the great Lone Star State. Having spent time aboard an aircraft carrier, and traveling around the world with the Navy, Adam is no stranger to intense, fast-paced environments...and it shows. We first got the opportunity to work with Adam earlier this year when TSV travelled down to Austin to produce a series of shows during SXSW 2014. While down there, we brought Adam in on the action. "I like the major hustle to get everything done, kind of a rush," says Adam "I like the introduction to [TSV's] process, it was big and all the guns were pulled out, so to say."

So be looking for more from Adam with TSV throughout 2014, and don't be surprised if you see him as an on-site tech for our shows in and around St. Louis.

With TSV Adam says, "I'm looking forward to perfecting my craft of stage and production design." And we are certainly looking forward to that as well.

Welcome aboard, Adam.